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Reveal Imager

reveal1Skin Analysis with the Reveal Imager help us customize treatments for all of our skincare patients. With the Reveal Imager, our licensed aesthetician can take a photograph of your skin that captures key visual information about the surface and subsurface of your skin to produce an easy-to-understand customized report about the condition of your skin and recommended skincare products.

With the Reveal Imager, we are able to document the remarkable results our patients are obtaining with their skin care regimens. It's very exciting for us and for our patients to see proof of their progress. Our patients find it quite remarkable to be able to see that their diligence in using their products as prescribed and the investment in their products is really paying off in the overall health of their skin.

We offer a free skincare consultation by appointment, and customize all of our skincare regimens so that we are treating our patients specific concerns and skin conditions. During this initial consultation, we will use the Reveal Imager to take a picture of your skin to help us pin point specific areas of concern. It just takes a few minutes and it doesn't hurt! The Reveal Imager produces a customized report that shows your face, the vascular condition of your face and the underlying sun damage. We call this your baseline image report. With this customized report, we are now able to evaluate:

  • Skin pigmentation
  • Photo damage (sun damage)
  • Texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Spider veins
  • Rosacea
  • Acne

With the Reveal Imager, we can actually zoom in and magnify areas of your skin for closer examination. Once your customized report is produced, we can explain what you are seeing and how it affects your skin's condition and appearance and recommend a personalized skincare regimen to correct these issues.

How the Reveal Imager Works

reveal2The Reveal Imager is a multi-spectral computer imaging system that uses standard white light and cross-polarized flash. The Reveal Imager uses a new technology with the trade name RBX, developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, that enables the device to see beneath the skin surface, visualizing specific conditions as related to both vascular disorders and hyperpigmentation. RBX provides the professional with significant new capabilities to detect, analyze, and communicate a wider range of skin conditions and their associated treatments. This is a great tool for us and a great visual incentive for our patients.

Come in for your free consultation and start your exciting journey to healthy, younger looking skin with one of our advanced skin care regimens and the Reveal Imager!